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Mission Statement

The mission of Ohlhoff Recovery Programs is to provide the highest quality of treatment services for the disease of chemical dependency, empowering individuals and families to take responsibility for their own recovery.

Who We Are

Since our founding in 1958, Ohlhoff Recovery Programs has been at the forefront in helping clients recover from addiction, growing to encompass the spectrum of care and services for which it is so highly regarded today.

We offer a strong, structured model of accountability and support which empowers clients and their families to take control of their lives. Based on the belief that addiction cannot be cured in isolation, we combine the critical components of recovery into a unique, success-oriented approach.

Ohlhoff Recovery Programs is licensed and certified by the State of California Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs. We contract with most managed health care firms and accept third party reimbursement.

meet the team

Our Staff



Joined Ohlhoff: 2005
Experience: Addiction Counselor, Clinical Coordinator, Insurance Specialist and Program Director at Ohlhoff.
Focus: Substance Abuse; Dual Diagnosis; Drama Therapy; Women in Recovery; Family and Couple’s Therapy and Intervention
Education: BA from UC Berkeley, CADC II from California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP).


Medical Director

Dr. Lennart Moller M.D., Psychiatrist

Joined Ohlhoff: 2005
Experience: Residency at University of Hawaii, Chief Resident at California Pacific Medical Center, Psychiatrist at Kaiser Permanente
Focus: Acute psychiatric issues, Depression and bipolar disorder, and LGBT mental health issues
Education: BS from MIT, MD from UCSF

Clinical Supervisor, LCSW

Faye Ocomen

Joined Ohlhoff: 2015
Experience: Clinical and programmatic support for community based agencies dealing with substance abuse, mental health, HIV/AIDS, and homelessness.
Focus: Depression, Anxiety, Addiction, Stress, and CouplesEducation: Master of Social Welfare (MSW) from UC Berkeley, Licensed ClinicalSocial Worker since 2010

Utilization Care Manager, CADC II

Tim Nye

Joined Ohlhoff: 2013
Experience: Addiction Counselor, Insurance Utilization Review Management Focus: Utilization reviews and authorizations, ASAM criteria Education:  U.C.Berkeley Extension, CADC II from California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP)

Support Animal

Barker Posey

Joined Ohlhoff: 2020

Skip Byron Primary Program

Program administrator

Pascale Danoy

Joined Ohlhoff: 2021

Lead counselor, RADT

Alex Pilker

Joined Ohlhoff: 2021

Primary Counselor

Toni Isabella

Joined Ohlhoff: 2020


Michael Xavier

Joined Ohlhoff: 2022

Primary Counselor, RADT

Tyler Baker

Joined Ohlhoff: 2022

Primary counselor, radt

Atticus Morris

Joined Ohlhoff: 2020

Primary Counselor, RADT

Todd Berry

Joined Ohlhoff: 2022

Intern; Counselor

James Gorham

Joined Ohlhoff: 2022

Long Term Residential

Program Director Henry Ohlhoff House, BA, Psy.D.

Anthony Morice

Joined Ohlhoff 2020
Experience: Program Director - Henry Ohlhoff House Men’s 6-Month Residential Program
Primary Counselor - Henry Ohlhoff House Men’s 6-Month Program
Intern Counselor - Henry Ohlhoff House Residential Program
Focus: Substance use treatment, Dual Diagnosis, Mindfulness based treatment and recovery
Education: B.A., Psychology, May 2013. Arizona State University; Psy. D., Clinical Psychology, A Psychoanalytic Interpretation of the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

program administrator

Zelda Zink

Joined Ohlhoff: 2022

Primary Counselor, RADT

Greg Mlot

Joined Ohlhoff: 2020


Milo Davis

Joined Ohlhoff: 2021

lead Primary Counselor, AMFT

Roger Campos

Joined Ohlhoff: 2015

Outpatient Programs

Program Director outpatient programs

Mark Langton

Joined Ohlhoff 2014
Experience: Lead Counselor - Ohlhoff Intensive Outpatient Program; Counselor/Case Manager - Skip Byron Primary Program; Primary Counselor - Ohlhoff Recovery Programs
Focus: Substance Use Treatment, Dual Diagnosis, Family Systems, Grief Work, Codependency, Trauma, 12-Step Recovery
Education: SF State University; Certificate in AOD Studies from UC Berkeley Extension; RADT from California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP)

program administrator

Wolcott Katzenbach

Joined Ohlhoff 2022

Primary Counselor, RADT

Gail Axelrod

Joined Ohlhoff 2018

Primary Counselor, RADT

Kate Liedl

Joined Ohlhoff: 2022

Primary Counselor, RADT

Sharon Pittman

Joined Ohlhoff 2021

Primary Counselor, RADT

Terry Martin

Joined Ohlhoff 2022

Intern Counselor, RADT


Joined Ohlhoff 2019


Brian Dean

Joined Ohlhoff: 2022

Join Our Team

Board of Directors

Executive Committee
The Right Rev. Marc Andrus, President
Nathan Ogle, Chairman
Cully Fredricksen, Vice Chairman
Denise Lepley, Secretary
Seamus McAteer, Treasurer
Max Yusim
Sid Hartnett
Michael Jacks
Burgess Chan
Regina Walton
James L. Wagner
Michael Dennis
Cully Fredrickson
Denise Lepley
Luis Belmonte
Kevin Martin
John Kirkwood
Joe Kendrick
Rev. C. Dominic George


601 Steiner Street

In 1891, Scottish immigrant James Scobie, after accumulating his fortune as a railroad and stone masonry contractor, commissioned the American-born architect Charles Havens to build the turreted, multi-gabled Queen Anne style, five bedroom residence that stands at the elevated northwest corner of Steiner and Fell Streets. Charles Haven (1849 - 1916), a native of Long Island, New York, served as official San Francisco City Architect in 1892. His former home at 1381 South Van Ness Avenue and the Flat Iron Building at 540 - 48 Market Street are both City Landmarks. In addition to the Ohlhoff House, Haven's other neighborhood work is found at 1463 - 65 McAllister Street and 925 Fulton Street. Although twice married, James Scobie (1863 - c. 1902) was childless. After his death, his second wife, Agnes, relocated to 874 Fell Street.

The next family to occupy 601 Steiner was headed by Nicholas Ohlandt (1839 - 1916), a native of Germany who arrived in California in 1857. He was 61 at the turn of the century and purchased 601 Steiner for his wife, Mathilda, their four adult children, one son-in-law, two grandchildren, and three servants. Though Nicholas died in 1916, the family remained until 1919. In the early 1920s, new owners Constant and Lily Bronisco converted the house into a convalescent home. In 1923. they enlarged the original elevator to accommodate heavier loads, which required the addition of a tower for the machinery. By mid-century, the property was known as the Hillcrest Sanitarium. In June 1958, its present owner, The Episcopal Church, took possession of 601 Steiner and the two neighboring buildings to the north to create a campus. They renamed 601 Steiner for the Reverend Jacob Henry Ohlhoff (1886 - 1957).

Since then, the complex has served as a live-in substance abuse recovery residence for men ages 18 to 64. Holding outside jobs, Ohlhoff House residents participate in a six-month structured program. In the adjacent buildings, men and women benefit from a 30-day intensive program. The Reverend Henry Ohlhoff, the house's namesake, served as an Episcopalian minister for forty years. Known as "the skid row priest," he worked with those down on their luck and provided a nursery for employed mothers. He directed the downtown Canon Kip Community House from 1915 to 1952, and at various times he was a chaplain at San Quentin, at St. Luke's Hospital, and rector of the Church of St. Mary the Virgin on Union Street.

The elaborate keyplate of the double oak entry doors of 601 Steiner sports a griffin motif, a design repeated on the interior hardware. Entry hall highlights are an original chandelier. stenciled coving, a mahogany staircase and both stained and painted glass windows. One of the latter portrays a biblical Ruth gleaning wheat in the fields of Boaz; the other, titled "Struck It Rich," represents a prospector who has just discovered gold. The many colored fireplace tiles depict classical motifs, medieval subjects, and scenes from nature. The first owner's godchildren are believed to be the children's faces on the hearth tiles in the front parlor. An expansive tile dado incorporating seashells and flower blossom motifs lines the walls of the vestibule bathroom.

Adapted by Jason Allen-Rouman from "The Storied Houses of Alamo Square" by Joseph B. Pecora with updates from Arlene Stanich-Prince



Founding of Henry Ohlhoff House, a nonprofit residence for working men desiring recovery from alcoholism.


Ohlhoff Outpatient Program founded for men, women, adolescents and families suffering from substance abuse and eating disorders in San Francisco.


Outpatient program expanded to Marin County and closed in 2010.


Men’s 6-month Residential opens in Novato, Marin County.


Skip Byron Primary Program founded in San Francisco.


Ohlhoff's original Women’s Program (closed June 2008) began with a mission to offer comprehensive substance abuse treatment for homeless, addicted women.


San Francisco Outpatient moved to new location in the Castro District.


Ohlhoff's Women's Residential Program re-opened.


San Francisco Outpatient moved from the Castro District to a more spacious Inner Sunset location.

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