Happy 1-Year Anniversary to our New Women's Residential Program!

One year ago, on November 1st 2016, we opened our 8 bed Women's Residential Program! Because of this new program we have been able to provide more women, with more services, and increase their access to addiction recovery. This program provides women with the gender specific support they deserve to successfully equip them with the tools for sobriety


Highlights from the Women's Residential Program's First Year:


  • Women only process groups and AA meetings
  • Long term residential treatment; over a third of the women served chose to extend their treatment past the initial and acute care of 30 days.
  • Treatment of 10% more women than the previous year





If you, or someone you know, is interested in our Women's Residential Program please call 415-621-4388 or contact the Program Coordinator, Cristy, at csmyth@ohlhoff.org.


Thank you to everyone who made the creation of this program possible. We, and the population we serve, are forever grateful.