Ohlhoff Women's Sober Living Programs

Our new programs for women combine more than 60 years of drug and alcohol treatment experience of Ohlhoff Recovery Programs with the freshly renovated, safe homestead of a sober living environment. Our 8 bed facility, exclusively for women in the heart of SF, offers stabilization to women in early recovery and transitional-support to working women with more than 30 days of sobriety. Our programs value a holistic approach to recovery and work towards creating an environment that nurtures mind, body, spirit, family and community.

Women’s Program

Our women’s program offers long-term, social model-based treatment to adult women struggling with alcohol or drug dependency. Our program is designed for women who have at least 30 days clean and sober, and are looking to focus on their recovery while re-integrating into a full-time work, school, or volunteer schedule. It is designed specifically to support working women and allows participants to keep their job, while seeking residential treatment. Treatment takes place three evenings per week, with additional treatment occurring on alternating weekends. Our program requires a 3 month commitment with the option to stay up to 6 months.

Treatment occurs at our intensive 13-week outpatient location, a short walk or easily accessible bus ride away. Ohlhoff’s intensive outpatient program has been providing a safe and secure atmosphere for promoting an honest and open recovery process for men and women in the San Francisco community for over 20 years. Treatment is scheduled 3 nights per week (Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday) from 6:30-9:15 PM, and is followed by 13 weeks of Aftercare (Tuesday, 6:00-8:00 PM).  Our program offers a variety of components listed below, with the additional advantage of a social model-structured residence, weekend workshops designed to target women’s issues in recovery, and house-based functions, including weekly community dinners.

Program Components:

  • Requirements of full-time work, school, or volunteer schedule (32 hours or more per week)

  • Sober living environment in a staff and peer-monitored community

  • Individual and group counseling

  • Individualized treatment planning

  • Family and couples therapy

  • Psycho-education on addiction and recovery issues

  • 12-Step meeting participation

  • Weekly and random drug and alcohol screening

  • Discharge planning

  • Aftercare services (including weekly groups with the requirement of continued 12-Step meeting participation, and ongoing individual/family counseling)

Please call us for more information about joining the program.

For clients checking into the program, please consult our admission checklist for a review of appropriate items to bring into treatment.

Thank you, Stepping Stone Women’s Recovery

In November 2018, Ohlhoff Recovery Programs was awarded a large grant from Stepping Stone Women’s Recovery to be used in support of Ohlhoff’s Women’s Residential Program. The continued commitment to women recovering from drug and alcohol addiction will maintain the legacy of Stepping Stone Women’s Recovery’s mission by providing an affordable, transitional, gender specific, social model, recovery program to working women in San Francisco. The ultimate goal of the women’s program is self-reliance, free from addiction.

After 56 years helping women recover from addiction, Stepping Stone Women’s Recovery Program closed its doors in 2018. The program will always have a special place in our hearts. For so long, Ohlhoff relied on the program as a safe and compassionate referral for women seeking residential treatment.  

Over 1,000 women's lives were changed thanks to Stepping Stone and nothing will ever replace the waves the program made in women's recovery for our San Francisco community. 

Thank you to the Board of Stepping Stone Women’s Recovery for the irreplaceable gift.

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