"This program has given me my life back in which I will be eternally grateful. I was a broken man when I got here and now I am becoming healthy again. Physically, mentally, spiritually. The staff and the therapy have been great and I will be forever in their debt. Thank you all for redeeming my life."

Bill, 46, 2017


"It brought sobriety back into my life. I will forever be grateful! This has been my "monastery" away from my world. I will take what I have learned back home with me."

Paul, 27, 2015

"I learned more in one month from this program about my addiction than I have in the past decade combined. I'm so grateful."

Geoffrey, 52, 2014

This program saved my life and helped me discover the new me. I am so thankful for this program.

Charlene, 36, 2013

"This program was fantastic. It really helped me achieve more in 30 days than I thought I could in a lifetime."

- Brittany, 25, 2013

"I would not be alive if not for the Skip Byron Program."

- Kyle, 22, 2013


"Ohlhoff allowed me to remove myself from the stressors that impelled me to drink. I felt safe here, and overcame my dependency with surprising ease. Learning to live despite my addiction, however, will require continuous effort. Ohlhoff got me started on that path."

- Bruce, 43, 2012