We ask for your donation to Ohlhoff Recovery Programs this holiday season to ensure more families and individuals have the opportunity to recover.


Ohlhoff Recovery Programs is proud to be on the front lines of the national opioid crisis.

Earlier this year, a 15 year old high school sophomore named Honor overdosed on opioids in her parent’s home. Honor was hospitalized and ultimately confined to a wheelchair. Her mother, shaken and concerned, was sleeping on the floor of her daughter’s room when she decided to call Ohlhoff for help.

During her time at Ohlhoff, Honor was given tools to process her overdose and combat future desires for substance use.She became more confident in herself and her ability to stay sober. A huge weight was lifted, and through family counseling, Honor and her parents have begun to repair their relationship.

Because of donors and addiction recovery advocates like you, Honor’s family had a program that empowered them to regain control of their lives after the devastation of addiction.

Help save individuals like Honor. To give, please click the blue button below.

P.S. Honor is sober, can now walk, sleeps in her own bedroom, and has gone back to school.