Skip Byron Primary Program

The Skip Byron Primary Program (SBPP), located on the historic Henry Ohlhoff House campus in San Francisco, provides adult alcohol and chemical dependency treatment through our highly structured, 30-day clinical program for the beginning stages of recovery. We offer a unique combination of services that are an affordable alternative to expensive hospital rehabilitation.

Residential Treatment

Residential Treatment (also referred to as inpatient) has 24-hour staff supervision and is designed for men & women who need a safe environment for early recovery. Comfortable living quarters and nutritious meals enhance the client’s sense of well-being while they reside at our program overnight.

Program Components:

  • Individualized treatment planning

  • Daily alcohol and chemical dependency educational groups

  • Individual and group counseling

  • 12-Step participation and education

  • Art/Drama therapy

  • Recreational therapy (tennis, arts outings, etc.)

  • Yoga and meditation

  • Nutrition education

  • Family group therapy

  • Relapse prevention

  • Discharge planning

  • Routine random drug and alcohol testing

  • Aftercare services (including regular weekly group meetings with a requirement of continued participation in 12-Step meetings. Continuing individual and family therapy is also available.)

Criteria for Admission:

The program is a post-acute/post-detox facility; potential clients are assessed and must be medically stable and not in need of medical detoxification. Therefore, clients are admitted with a minimum of 24 hours of sobriety.

Additional Features:

  • Beautiful city campus, near families and recreation

  • Small onsite gym

  • High staff to client ratio

  • Small number of clients

  • A personal care environment

  • Continuum of care

  • Professional, highly trained staff

  • Managed Care Preferred Provider

  • Credit cards welcome

Please call us for more information about joining the program.

Tel (415) 621-4388 | Fax (415) 621-6219

601 Steiner Street
San Francisco, CA 94117