Reliving the Rancid Benefit Concert

We're currently reliving the awesomeness from Rancid’s benefit concert! Thank you again, Lars and Rancid​, for the incredible concert last month. It was an irreplaceable show of support for the men and women who begin their recovery from drug and alcohol addiction at Ohlhoff Recovery Programs.

Thank you for the photograph, Misti Layne Photography​.

Thank you Rancid!

Thank you Rancid, and all your fans, for the incredible benefit concert last night! What a rad way to show people in recovery we care. Like Lars said, addiction and punk rock affect all types of people. To qualify for help at Ohlhoff, you just have to be human.

Rancid: A Benefit for The Ohlhoff Recovery Program

Tickets Now On Sale for Rancid!

Tickets now on sale for Rancid: A Benefit For Ohlhoff Recovery Program! We want to see our entire Ohlhoff community there, so get your tickets as soon as possible and let us know you're coming.

Find out more about the event here.