Stepping Stone Women's Recovery Grant

In November 2018, Ohlhoff Recovery Programs was awarded a large grant from Stepping Stone Women’s Recovery to be used in support of Ohlhoff’s Women’s Residential Program. The continued commitment to women recovering from drug and alcohol addiction will maintain the legacy of Stepping Stone Women’s Recovery by providing an affordable, transitional, gender specific, social model, recovery program to working women in San Francisco. The ultimate goal of the women’s program is self-reliance, free from addiction.

After 56 years helping women recover from addiction, Stepping Stone Women’s Recovery Program closed its doors in 2018. The program will always have a special place in our hearts. For so long, Ohlhoff relied on the program as a safe and compassionate referral for women seeking residential treatment.  

Over 1,000 women's lives were changed thanks to Stepping Stone and nothing will ever replace the waves the program made in women's recovery for our San Francisco community. 

Thank you to the Board of Stepping Stone Women’s Recovery for the irreplaceable gift.