Gerry S. and his Henry Ohlhoff House Graduation Yucca


"I entered the Henry Ohlhoff House in 1987. My total time upon graduation was about one and a half years in the House, which I badly needed.

Skip Byron was the Director and I was so lucky to be under his guidance. My group facilitator, Alice, kept us all in line. At my graduation after dinner Skip presented each of us with a small plant. Mine was a 4 inch Yucca plant. This baby Yucca traveled with me to Arizona, Tennessee, Florida, and back to California. The Yucca [pictured with Gerry] is now about 12 feet tall has grown 3 major trunks, much like the different branches of my life.

Everything in my life today is possible because of the love, understanding, and giving that I received at the Henry Ohlhoff House."


This photo is of current Skip Byron Primary Program Counselor, Mark Langton, receiving his graduation plant in 1986! We Wonder if he's been able to keep his plant alive all these years too.