Ohlhoff Recovery Programs are respected and supported by the many government and private organizations dealing with the issues of chemical abuse, including a $10,000 Merit Award from the San Francisco Department of Public Health in recognition of “overall top performance in providing Substance Abuse services.” We have been recognized by Independent Charities of America with the certification of “Best in America” for our public accountability and program effectiveness.

Our alumni stay involved; they refer, give testimonials, support new clients and often become sponsors to them. A recent independent outcome study confirms that the success rate is twice the national average.

The corner of Fell and Steiner is the most important address of my life.
— Peter
I walked through the door in the spring of ’97 with the clothes on my back and 20 dollars. Today I am respected in my trade, my community, and my family, and there is nothing I can’t accomplish.
— Gary K.
I owe everything in my life to getting clean, and I learned how to do that at Ohlhoff.
— Dave, age 40
Thank you for giving me my daughter back.
— Father of Jessica, age 21
I wanted to end my life because I felt so bad all the time and then I found recovery.
— Sarah, age 17
I never held an honest job until I overcame my addictions at Ohlhoff.
— John, age 39, parolee
I have been sober now for over 8 years. My foundation is firmly planted in what the Henry Ohlhoff House taught me. My worst day sober is still better than my best day as an alcoholic! My life hangs by a single golden thread. Thank you Henry Ohlhoff directors and staff.
— Jerry, age 49
I learned how to live my life one day at a time, free from drugs and alcohol.
— Anonymous